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Dinosaur Animation - PANGEA

10 Little Dinosaurs | Kids Songs:

Marching Dinosaurs-Animated Size Comparison:

StoryBots - Dinosaur Songs | Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Hey, I'm a Tyrannasaurus Rex, so big you gotta give me respect, I'm as tall as a house, you can't push me around, cause I'm heavy, 16,000 pounds. I got strong legs and a tail for support, my tail is long, but my arms are short, see my arms can't, and what's more? I'm not even sure what to use them for. But my mouth is big, and my teeth are scary, over 50 teeth, how sharp are they? Very! Big long teeth make it easy, and I'm a carnivore which means I eat meat. I got a good sense of smell, hearing, and sight. So I go hunting both the day and the night. I'm not very fast, but that don't mean a thing. I'm the king of dinosaurs, it's good to be king. Tyrannasaurus, that's the chorus, Tyrannasaurus, that's the chorus, Tyrannasaurus, that is the chorus. What's the chorus? Tyrannasaurus.

Learn the Body Parts :

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Learn Planets & Colours:

  Resultado de imagen de Learn Planets & Colors With Planet Water Sliders In Space Cartoon For Kids Colours For Children 3D     

The Solar System Songs:

Imagen relacionada             Resultado de imagen de Solar System/Solar System Song/Planets Song for Kids/8 Planets


                                                     Planet Song:

    Resultado de imagen de the solar system song for kids    Imagen relacionada

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What Are You Afraid of ?

Project Work:  Make a monster/spider with 

warm  and cool colours .

Mix the Colours Song:
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Fun Mixing Colours Video :Primary & Secondary Colours:
                                                                   Resultado de imagen de FUN Mixing COLORS Primary & Secondary Colors Brown, Black and Beige

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Ladybug Life Cycle

Facts about ladybugs:

 1.Ladybugs are beetles and are considered an insect because of their 6 legs.
2. They eat aphids, which are insects that suck juices out of plants. Some also eat leaves. Since they eat Aphids, they are actually very helpful to have in your garden!
3. Ladybugs are not poisonous, but they can be toxic to some animals.
 4. Different ladybugs have different number of spots. Some have no spots at all!
5. Ladybugs come in many colors: pink, yellow, white, orange, black and red.
 6. To protect themselves against predators, they sometimes play dead. They also can release a small amount of blood from their legs, which has a bad smell. Their bright colors also warn predators to stay away.
 7. Ladybugs have wings and they do fly.
 8. They smell with their feet and antennas.
9. Female ladybugs are larger than male ladybugs.
10. The color of a ladybug’s spots fade as it gets older

Resultado de imagen de butterflies life cycle

  • frog
  • toad
  • amphibian
  • vertebrates
  • cold-blooded 
  • backbone 
  • pond
  • egg
  • embryo
  • spawn
  • tadpole
  • metamorphosis 
  • hibernate
  • carnivore
  • predator
  • algae
  • lung 
  • webbed
  • camouflage

Frog Facts

See the difference between frogspawn and toad spawn


Frog Classification

There are lots of different kinds of frogs. Watch the video below from the San Diego Zoo to learn about a few of them.                                                                                                                                                   


Frog or Toad?

What do frogs eat? What eats a frog?

Frog Defenses

Frog Hibernation

Frog Fun

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Resultado de imagen de a flat
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Resultado de imagen de a flat


        Hall                   Bathroom             Living room

    Bedroom                    Toilet                 Kitchen

   Dining room          Garage                           Steve's House 

Resultado de imagen de Rooms in the Home - English Kindgarten Education   Resultado de imagen de Rooms in the Home - English Kindgarten Education  Resultado de imagen de Learn Rooms of the House Song with Matt | Action Songs for Children
                                                                           Play a word game to learn and practise rooms vocabulary.
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