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Ladybug Life Cycle

Facts about ladybugs:

 1.Ladybugs are beetles and are considered an insect because of their 6 legs.
2. They eat aphids, which are insects that suck juices out of plants. Some also eat leaves. Since they eat Aphids, they are actually very helpful to have in your garden!
3. Ladybugs are not poisonous, but they can be toxic to some animals.
 4. Different ladybugs have different number of spots. Some have no spots at all!
5. Ladybugs come in many colors: pink, yellow, white, orange, black and red.
 6. To protect themselves against predators, they sometimes play dead. They also can release a small amount of blood from their legs, which has a bad smell. Their bright colors also warn predators to stay away.
 7. Ladybugs have wings and they do fly.
 8. They smell with their feet and antennas.
9. Female ladybugs are larger than male ladybugs.
10. The color of a ladybug’s spots fade as it gets older

Resultado de imagen de butterflies life cycle

  • frog
  • toad
  • amphibian
  • vertebrates
  • cold-blooded 
  • backbone 
  • pond
  • egg
  • embryo
  • spawn
  • tadpole
  • metamorphosis 
  • hibernate
  • carnivore
  • predator
  • algae
  • lung 
  • webbed
  • camouflage

Frog Facts

See the difference between frogspawn and toad spawn


Frog Classification

There are lots of different kinds of frogs. Watch the video below from the San Diego Zoo to learn about a few of them.                                                                                                                                                   


Frog or Toad?

What do frogs eat? What eats a frog?

Frog Defenses

Frog Hibernation

Frog Fun

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