Saturday, February 16, 2019


Dinosaur Animation - PANGEA

10 Little Dinosaurs | Kids Songs:

Marching Dinosaurs-Animated Size Comparison:

StoryBots - Dinosaur Songs | Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Hey, I'm a Tyrannasaurus Rex, so big you gotta give me respect, I'm as tall as a house, you can't push me around, cause I'm heavy, 16,000 pounds. I got strong legs and a tail for support, my tail is long, but my arms are short, see my arms can't, and what's more? I'm not even sure what to use them for. But my mouth is big, and my teeth are scary, over 50 teeth, how sharp are they? Very! Big long teeth make it easy, and I'm a carnivore which means I eat meat. I got a good sense of smell, hearing, and sight. So I go hunting both the day and the night. I'm not very fast, but that don't mean a thing. I'm the king of dinosaurs, it's good to be king. Tyrannasaurus, that's the chorus, Tyrannasaurus, that's the chorus, Tyrannasaurus, that is the chorus. What's the chorus? Tyrannasaurus.

Learn the Body Parts :

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